Miscarriages and COVID-19 Vaccines

So there have been a number of reports of miscarriages within close proximity of COVID vaccinations, and there is a number of people who are trying to use these events to dissuade mothers (and soon to be mothers) to not protect themselves against COVID and also to try and show that these vaccines aren’t safe. So let’s talk about the […]

Immune Thrombocytopenia Purpura (ITP, previously known as Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia Purpura) risk post vaccination

Recently, a post was shared with me where a wife was sharing concerns about the novel COVID-19 vaccines and her husband’s death from Immune Thrombocytopenia (ITP), shortly after his immunization. You could feel the pain the wife was feeling and the anguish over the loss of her husband, and her heartfelt concerns about the relationship between his recent COVID-19 vaccination […]

Pregnancy and novel mRNA vaccines.

So we have had a few readers asking whether pregnant and lactating women should receive either of the novel mRNA vaccines (Moderna or Pfizer). We cannot definitively state that either of these COVID vaccines are safe for use in pregnancy. We say this, not because there is any indication that either of these vaccines may be harmful during pregnancy or […]

Thank you, science…. as another OVN author becomes One *COVID* Vaxxed Nurse

It is with much anticipation and pleasure, I have become the second author to be One *COVID* Vaxxed Nurse. I didn’t know whether or not I would qualify for the initial group, but my institution has specified that ED and ICU staff are the primary groups to receive the vaccine, prioritized by age. I have always had a fear of […]

Are vaccine reactions common? No, but many Alt-med events are…

In all my healthcare years, 19 of them (ER/Critical care). I’ve not once, had to do more than put topical steroid cream on a rash or apply an ice pack for a “vaccine reaction” . Here’s a fun list of alt med illnesses & injuries I’ve seen: Chemical burns from oilsInfected dermatitis from oilsStage four breast cancer that didn’t respond […]

Vaccine Safety: Active Monitoring Systems – FDA Sentinel’s PRISM

One of the most common misnomers and misinformation spread by anti-vaxxers is that the only vaccine safety monitoring systems are passive systems.  They claim the only safety systems for vaccines require doctors and nurses to manually report vaccine reactions.  AVers constantly point to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System or VAERS, pointing out that the number of events reported are […]

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