Anti-Vax propaganda is the ultimate MLM pyramid scheme.

At the top you have the “Disinformation Dozen”; a group of people responsible for a majority of the disinformation found on social media. Individual net worths for the most successful among them top 100 million. They directly, financially profit from selling alternatives to accepted science and medicine. Naturally, their goal is to sway people toward buying their products. Their products, […]

Shills, Distorting the truth to pad their own pockets

Bait and switch.  You’ve been had.  They’ve convinced you that the people who are trying to help you are out to hurt you.  They are your abusers.  They are exploiting you for money.  They are bilking you to line their own bank accounts at the expense of the most valuable commodity on earth, children.  Your children.  And you didn’t even […]

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