You Aren’t Woke, You Are Paranoid

Examples:Statement: “I believe vaccines are hurting more people than they help.” Ok, can you show me reliable information that demonstrates this? Answer: “no I can’t because I believe that individuals and organizations all over the world have collaborated to suppress that information.” Statement: “I believe that public health mandates do not work and are instead meant to strip me of […]

First, Do No Harm….

As a nurse and a healthcare professional, one of the most common retorts used against us is the phrase “First, Do No Harm.” It’s often used in a reference to the individual claiming that we, as healthcare professionals, have taken oaths to have our first and foremost focus to “do no harm.” The reality is, most nurses don’t take oaths, […]

How is this content against “community standards”?

Earlier today, one of the authors for One Vaxxed Nurse shared a heartfelt message for someone who had messaged us. Facebook decided to take that message down, as they felt it violated “community standards,” yet they gave no indication on what standard this post breached or what the violation was referencing. It is disheartening that such a heartfelt message would […]

Are there components in the Moderna vaccine that cause abortions?

The claim being made is that Tromethamine is in both the Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine and Hemabate (a medication that can be used for medical abortions), hence the Moderna Vaccine has a component which is known to cause abortions. This claim is false. Tromethamine (also known as tris or THAM) is an additive component used to stabilize medications, either as an […]

Liberty Hospital: Now open to serve our personal liberty loving clients

Could you Imagine visiting personal liberty hospital- here’s the rules- 1. Obvi nobody “has” to wear a mask. Not the patient coming in with TB, influenza or corona; certainly not the nurses or doctors. It’s their body and their choice whether or not they cover their faces for 12 hours as they move from bed to bed. 2. Hand washing […]

#BelieveMothers, When Ego Becomes a Barrier to Care…

I’ve been seeing a whole lot of #believemothers– a reference to medical providers not acknowledging illnesses and injuries attributed to vaccines by mothers of ill children. It’s not that we don’t want to. I’d love to. That would make my job a lot easier.As an ER nurse, triage is a big part of my job. I acknowledge that people BELIEVE a […]

Colorado… A ticking time bomb…

3 Children With Measles Flew From New Zealand To LAX Before Arriving At DIA, Health Officials Confirm Earlier this month, a family with three unvaccinated children went to New Zealand, a country with an active measles outbreak.  They returned from New Zealand, having layovers at LAX before arriving at DIA.  These children were then taken to Children’s Hospital Colorado, where […]

Participation Trophies

Participation trophies have resulted in a generation riddled with folks who falsely believe that they are good at everything. It has left many individuals with the inability to distinguish participants from experts -and that, in part, is how we end up with ‘Anti-Vaxxers.’ Somewhere around the early 1990s, parenting took an interesting turn and we decided as a society that […]

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