President Trump, Melania, and Their Recent Positive COVID-19 Test: What It Shows About the Stark Differences in Healthcare.

As most of our readers have undoubtedly heard, President Trump and Melania have tested positive for the Coronavirus. While this comes as little surprise for most of us in the medical community, I want to take the conversation away from the irony of President Trump being infected and focus on what this infection really means and what it will likely […]

The “Law of Love”, Samoa’s solution to prevent another measles outbreak…

Yesterday, Samoa’s Parliament passed the “Law of Love”, a compulsory vaccination requirement for all school attendance. The “Law of Love” is in response to the current measles outbreak in Samoa. In this law, the Samoan government has acted, establishing a system to prevent further outbreaks. Due to the measles outbreak which has cost 72 lives already, the Samoan Prime Minister […]

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