Violent Rhetoric, Hate Speech, and First Amendment Rights.

Does the First Amendment give a free pass to hate speech and violent rhetoric? In the last few years, we have seen a dramatic rise in the amount of hate speech and violent rhetoric circulating on social media. Some have associated the rise to the election of Barrack Obama as President of the United States, as well as the rise […]

Vaccinated children, The reason why the unvaccinated think they’re healthier.

Anti-vaccine parents love to brag about how healthy their children are. What they fail to recognize, is that if every child was unvaccinated- their child would lose the free herd protection that is responsible for their child’s relative health. This photo is also a visual demonstration that destroys the anti vaccine claim of “vaccine shedding”. If vaccinated children truly did […]

COVID-19: Anti-Vaxxers – Wrong about Vaccines and now wrong about the Coronavirus

Anti-vaccine “nurses” and “doctors” were wrong about vaccines, and they’re even more wrong about the Coronavirus pandemic. If you spend any time in the dark side of the web, where Anti-vaxxers dwell, you’ll find a handful of failed licensed medical providers who now make money off of gullible people who are prone to believe conspiracy theories. While the vast majority […]

The untold story about Stop Mandatory Vaccinations and harassment…

Earlier this week, we covered a situation where a mother was expressing her pain as her child had been exposed to measles. In her plea, she begs others to consider that their choice to not vaccinate their children does, in fact, place others at risk. Choices which affected her infant, who is too young to be vaccinated against the Measles […]

Colorado… A ticking time bomb…

3 Children With Measles Flew From New Zealand To LAX Before Arriving At DIA, Health Officials Confirm Earlier this month, a family with three unvaccinated children went to New Zealand, a country with an active measles outbreak.  They returned from New Zealand, having layovers at LAX before arriving at DIA.  These children were then taken to Children’s Hospital Colorado, where […]

The Real cost of the Anti-vax movement….

Just a reminder that THIS is what it looks like when only 30% of your population is immunized against measles because Anti-Vaxxers managed to convince large numbers of people to turn to alternative therapy instead of vaccination and conventional medicine. Babies die, children die, and those that survive are potentially left with life long disabilities such as hearing or vision […]

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