Booster Shots

Booster shots are called that for a reason. They’re the only artificial way to boost your body’s immune response to a given pathogen, by strengthening its recognition of a virus or bacteria. There are no other bottled substances that cause a “boosted” immune response. The only other alternative is natural exposures which carry the risk of illness, unlike vaccines which […]

Pfizer vaccine #2 hit this OVN’s arm yesterday.

Pfizer vaccine #2 hit this OVN’s arm yesterday. I got my vaccine while I was about half way through my 12 hour shift. I completed the remainder of my shift (caring for critically ill Covid patients) without difficulty and without any symptoms. I did have a headache and fatigue after arriving home which lasted until this morning. I did take […]

Vaccinated children, The reason why the unvaccinated think they’re healthier.

Anti-vaccine parents love to brag about how healthy their children are. What they fail to recognize, is that if every child was unvaccinated- their child would lose the free herd protection that is responsible for their child’s relative health. This photo is also a visual demonstration that destroys the anti vaccine claim of “vaccine shedding”. If vaccinated children truly did […]

Happy Holidays: Make sure your family helps protect our babies

The holidays are a time for gatherings where cold weather drives crowds of friends and family into close indoor quarters for fellowship. These are special times but they also pose potential health hazards for infants who have not been fully immunized against vaccine preventable illnesses. Many mothers believe that their infants will be protected by maternal antibodies for the first […]

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