COVID-19: Not Everything is a Conspiracy

Oh good gravy people. NOT EVERYTHING IS A CONSPIRACY! I’m tired of seeing news articles that insinuate or outright accuse the sciences of somehow “cooking the books” on everything. Yes, people who die with covid-19 will have a death certificate that reflects this because it’s important to count the number of infections that ended in death. We need to know […]

COVID-19: Are we going to see a W-Curve?

When the Spanish flu first appeared in early March 1918, it had all the hallmarks of a seasonal flu, albeit a highly contagious and virulent strain. Reported cases of Spanish flu dropped off over the summer of 1918, and there was hope at the beginning of August that the virus had run its course. In retrospect, it was only the […]

It’s not fighting for you that terrifies me, it’s walking away that keeps me up at night

It’s not fighting for you that terrifies me, it’s walking away that keeps me up at night. Conversations on the front lines of medicine look different during a pandemic than they usually do. I hate these conversations. They prepare us for the day that our hospital has more patients than provider hands. Our leaders review policies for appropriate triage strategies […]

COVID-19: Anti-Vaxxers – Wrong about Vaccines and now wrong about the Coronavirus

Anti-vaccine “nurses” and “doctors” were wrong about vaccines, and they’re even more wrong about the Coronavirus pandemic. If you spend any time in the dark side of the web, where Anti-vaxxers dwell, you’ll find a handful of failed licensed medical providers who now make money off of gullible people who are prone to believe conspiracy theories. While the vast majority […]

COVID-19: Tips for staying out of the ED

Staying away from the ER unless experiencing an actual emergency remains important in all areas. Here’s some helpful hints on how to avoid the ER. **not intended to be medical advice. Contact your doctor before taking any medication. Seek emergency care if you believe that you are experiencing an actual medical emergency.**

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