It didn’t need to be this way

When hospital systems are overwhelmed, such as they are in Southern California, difficult decisions must be made on how best to allocate exhausted resources. In Los Angeles County, this means that out of hospital cardiac arrests (OHCA), which statistically end in poor outcomes, are not transported to the hospital with CPR in progress. Instead, CPR will be conducted on scene […]

Fifty-One Years, But Only Fifty Christmases.

As I was catching up on my Facebook feed, one of my nurse friends shared an update that made me tear up. You could feel the powerful emotions exchanged, the passion she has in nursing, even as she communicated her experiences and recalled them from earlier this week. She begins with a recollection of a mother and daughter coming to […]

National Pearl Harbor Day, December 7th

Today marks the 79th anniversary of the Japanese attack on The US naval base Pearl Harbor on Oahu Island, Hawaii. A pivotal moment in US history which helped to bring the US into WWII as an active participant, not just a supplier of arms. This attack was part of a coordinated attack on US and British military posts, including Guam, […]

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