Thank you, Anti-Vaxxers, We couldn’t have done it without you

I would like to take a moment to thank anti-vaxxers. I know that sounds strange, coming from a medical professional who passionately defends the safety and necessity of vaccines for our nation’s children, but stay with me. There’s a reason I am thanking them.. For years, healthcare workers have watched the rates of unvaccinated children grow. We’ve been powerless to […]

The “Law of Love”, Samoa’s solution to prevent another measles outbreak…

Yesterday, Samoa’s Parliament passed the “Law of Love”, a compulsory vaccination requirement for all school attendance. The “Law of Love” is in response to the current measles outbreak in Samoa. In this law, the Samoan government has acted, establishing a system to prevent further outbreaks. Due to the measles outbreak which has cost 72 lives already, the Samoan Prime Minister […]

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