COVID-19: Anti-Vaxxers – Wrong about Vaccines and now wrong about the Coronavirus

Anti-vaccine “nurses” and “doctors” were wrong about vaccines, and they’re even more wrong about the Coronavirus pandemic. If you spend any time in the dark side of the web, where Anti-vaxxers dwell, you’ll find a handful of failed licensed medical providers who now make money off of gullible people who are prone to believe conspiracy theories. While the vast majority […]

Shills, Distorting the truth to pad their own pockets

Bait and switch.  You’ve been had.  They’ve convinced you that the people who are trying to help you are out to hurt you.  They are your abusers.  They are exploiting you for money.  They are bilking you to line their own bank accounts at the expense of the most valuable commodity on earth, children.  Your children.  And you didn’t even […]

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