First, Do No Harm….

As a nurse and a healthcare professional, one of the most common retorts used against us is the phrase “First, Do No Harm.” It’s often used in a reference to the individual claiming that we, as healthcare professionals, have taken oaths to have our first and foremost focus to “do no harm.” The reality is, most nurses don’t take oaths, […]

Anti-Vaxxers: Twisting the Facts and Spreading Lies, Once Again.

A common post being shared across Social Media sites is of a physician who purposely miscarried her baby after receiving the COVId-19 vaccine. While there has been a physician who lost her baby shortly after the vaccine, the shared post showing the physician’s Instagram/Twitter posts is false. The post lacks the context that the physician miscarried the baby almost three […]

What About the “Ingredients” in the mRNA Vaccines?

A common claim for those in the medical freedom/anti-vaccine groups against vaccines are about the “ingredients” that are in vaccines. You’ll hear them make scary claims about mercury being in vaccines, about the aluminum, or about any number of other components within a vaccine. They will use scary names, make very strong statements about how these “ingredients” are linked to […]

Have scientists been able to isolate/identify the virus for COVID-19?

Yes. Chinese doctors, WHO, and CDC were able to sequence (identify the virus and completely document) the genetic code of what was then called 2019-NCoV (2019 Novel COronaVirus). As early as January 2020, we had peer-reviewed publications documenting the sequencing of 2019-NCoV (now called SARS-CoV-2 due to its similarities with the original SARS-CoV). This sequencing involves the entire genome […]

“What About the Long-Term Effects?”

“What about the long term effects!” That’s the question that gets asked a lot about vaccines, seemingly ignoring the fact that a good portion of chronic diseases are directly caused by viral and bacterial infections. Vaccines protect against long term disease processes that are caused by viral and bacterial infections.

Vitamin C, a potentially deadly recommendation.

When a person is ill with a viral infection that causes fever, dehydration is a major concern. This is especially true for small children and infants. A common home remedy that circulates on medical misinformation sites is to give copious amounts of vitamin C until diarrhea begins. People without medical training seem to believe that diarrhea is a sign of […]

Anti-Vaxx wall of shame

Meet Laura. Laura posts memes like the one below that implies SIDS is caused by vaccines. She pretends to warn new parents so that she can earn their trust and then point them straight to the detox line that she sells as an “entrepreneur”. She directly benefits from terrifying new parents with lies. If you actually click and read the […]

Anti-Vaxx rhetoric is so dangerous that it can literally make your baby’s brain bleed.

Anti-Vaxx rhetoric is so dangerous that it can literally make your baby’s brain bleed. One of the most dangerous pieces of trash advice given by anti-vaxxers is to avoid the Vitamin K shot for newborns. The vitamin K shot is not a vaccine but they’ve lumped this in with their misinformation campaigns, so I’m going to throw a little science […]

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