How is this content against “community standards”?

Earlier today, one of the authors for One Vaxxed Nurse shared a heartfelt message for someone who had messaged us. Facebook decided to take that message down, as they felt it violated “community standards,” yet they gave no indication on what standard this post breached or what the violation was referencing. It is disheartening that such a heartfelt message would […]

#BelieveMothers, When Ego Becomes a Barrier to Care…

I’ve been seeing a whole lot of #believemothers– a reference to medical providers not acknowledging illnesses and injuries attributed to vaccines by mothers of ill children. It’s not that we don’t want to. I’d love to. That would make my job a lot easier.As an ER nurse, triage is a big part of my job. I acknowledge that people BELIEVE a […]

Stop eradication, the ultimate goal of the anti-vaxxer…

The photo below shows a common conversation that recently took place in a Facebook parenting group. It highlights parents openly detailing the different ways in which they purposefully infected their young children with chicken pox using the bodily secretions of other ill individuals. The moral and ethical implications of forcing illness onto children in barbaric ways seems completely lost as […]

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