Anti-Vaccine Techniques
Anti-Vax propaganda is the ultimate MLM pyramid scheme.

Anti-Vax propaganda is the ultimate MLM pyramid scheme.

At the top you have the “Disinformation Dozen”; a group of people responsible for a majority of the disinformation found on social media. Individual net worths for the most successful among them top 100 million. They directly, financially profit from selling alternatives to accepted science and medicine. Naturally, their goal is to sway people toward buying their products. Their products, unfortunately, are various tangible substances and intangible ideas that lead people away from proper medical treatment and into a world of potions, magic and utter nonsense. Examples of their products are; books, movies, supplements, crystals, oils, herbs, smoothies, websites, and seminars. Much like successful MLM companies, they start with empowerment and flattery. “You too can be special” if you consume the knowledge we will bestow upon you.” The successful 12 at the top of this scheme feed off of each other and bolster each other. One’s video may promote ideas that help the other sell a product, that help another sell a web training. It’s an incestuous and symbiotic relationship. This group probably doesn’t even believe in what they’re doing or selling, it’s all about the bottom line. They’re solely in it for the profits. These top 12, ultimately responsible for roughly 65% of disinformation found on social media sites in a recent study are:

Robert F Kennedy Jr.
Joseph mercola
Ty and Charlene Bollinger
Sherri Tenpenny
Rizza Islam
Rashid Buttar
Erin Elizabeth
Sayer Ji, Kelly Brogan
Christiane Northrup
Ben Tapper
Kevin Jenkins.

Below the Disinformation Dozen are mid level, moderately successful, social media personalities with large followings. These people are their distributors. They too profit in popularity and modest earnings by harvesting money from ads, and the sale of their MLM woo products. The brand of their puppeteers becomes their religion, and they dutifully distribute the gospel of anti-accepted science. Their job is to bring more people into the flock. Like any other cult, they reward their “down line” with the feeling of exclusivity and belonging. This group mostly, actually believes in their mission and merely acts on their convictions with modest monetary gain as a happy reward for their dedicated service to the masters.

As with any good pyramid scheme, the whole racket is supported by the end consumer. Individual consumers are duped by messaging that tickles a need to “be in the know”. Other vulnerable people are those searching for a place of solace and understanding for emotions that accompany unexplained or poorly understood medical diagnoses. Still others, are fearful and their fear is exploited to point them toward the saviors. These desperate consumers buy the products that are marketed toward their need to know, their need to heal, or their need to reaffirm the validity of a fear. They support their “up line” with clicks on websites without even realizing it. A select few will work their way up to mid-level distributer over time, where they recover some of the costs of their investment. Most will remain the consumers of the products and bring in a modest few followers to the flock. These end consumers will pay with their checkbook and with their own health or the health of their children.

Anti-vaccine/anti-science/anti-medicine is a pyramid scheme, where an elite group get filthy rich while those at the bottom suffer – broke, exploited, and sick.

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