How is this content against “community standards”?

Earlier today, one of the authors for One Vaxxed Nurse shared a heartfelt message for someone who had messaged us. Facebook decided to take that message down, as they felt it violated “community standards,” yet they gave no indication on what standard this post breached or what the violation was referencing.

It is disheartening that such a heartfelt message would be taken down, without any recourse for the author. This post was a heartfelt message about how those with Autism are often the recipients of hatred and abuse by anti-vaxxers, calling them derogatory terms, but how that the author’s own autistic child is beautiful in her own special way.

If you have interest in reading this amazing article, I would direct you to our blog, and see our recent posts. We believe that this heartfelt message should not have been removed, but we won’t risk the page being taken down to link the post directly.

One Vaxxed Nurse

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