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Dear Renée

Dear Renée

Dear Renée,
There is only one type of child that I can personally give autism to, and that is children that I create. Autism is genetic. I happen to have a child who has been diagnosed with ASD. You should meet her sometime, I think you’d find her quite lovely. I don’t consider her, or any other child “ruined” no matter what medical diagnosis they have. The fact that you would describe my child, or any child, as “ruined” speaks precisely to your own character, which is indeed, undeniably, ruined if this is truly how you feel. This is a disgusting way to describe a child that you do not understand.

I can’t say that I’m surprised. This type of discriminatory language is common in the anti-vaccine circles. They often refer to neurodiverse individuals as “damaged”, and other derogatory adjectives and then attribute those negative adjectives to vaccines. It’s one of the tactics they use to cause fear in their followers. Fear sells. How terrible to refer to children as ruined or damaged because they have behaviors that you struggle to love.

My daughter, like all children, is beautiful, talented, unique, kind and most of all….. loved. We have several other children who did not inherit this gene combination, despite the fact that all of our children share the same record of vaccination. Like all humans, all of my children had all of their genes before they received a single vaccine. I also did not receive any vaccines during my pregnancy with her so it wasn’t that either. Vaccines did not cause her to have autism. The combination of my husband’s genes and my genes did. I’m ok with that because I do not see her as ruined or damaged; she is anything but.

As much as I’d love to believe that I have the ability to control autism or any other genetic differences, I don’t. I won’t believe in stories (like that vaccines cause autism) which hand me that false sense of control. I’m not angry with or in mourning of her diagnosis, so I also don’t need something or someone to blame. She just is who she is, and she is amazing.

Now to the second half of your statement, I also do not have a “business” to ruin. I have a career as a nurse. I take care of the sick and injured, as a service to the public that I am a member of. On the other hand, anti-vaccine leaders (who you seem to enjoy following) do have businesses. They have products that they sell that they personally profit from like supplements, oils, crystals, newsletters, YouTube channels with advertisements….I have none of those things (neither do any of the other nurses at OVN) and I don’t ever hope to. Anti-vaccine leaders sell you false ideas (like that vaccines can cause autism) which can only be solved by subscribing to their product. Sometimes their products are the very sites you visit for that misinformation, because those sites generate revenue. That is a business. They are personally profiting from you, the consumer of their misinformation.

The opinions & advice I give on this page, in my spare time, with other nurses, are a hobby; a labor of love and I do not profit from them in any monetary way. In fact, if my advice leads to better health choices for individuals, I may actually put myself out of a job, since I care for sick and injured people. I routinely encourage people to wear helmets, strap on their seatbelts, drive sober, and get vaccinated. All of these things lead to a potential reduction in my workload, and perhaps someday, if enough people listen, no job at all. As much as I love my job, this would be a wonderful day in history that I would celebrate. Perhaps it would do you well to examine the motivations of those you choose to listen to and those you choose to take the time to criticize, chastise and insult; especially when you find yourself insulting children while defending people who make money off of you.

One Vaxxed Nurse

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