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Are there components in the Moderna vaccine that cause abortions?

Are there components in the Moderna vaccine that cause abortions?

The claim being made is that Tromethamine is in both the Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine and Hemabate (a medication that can be used for medical abortions), hence the Moderna Vaccine has a component which is known to cause abortions.

This claim is false.

Tromethamine (also known as tris or THAM) is an additive component used to stabilize medications, either as an emulsifier (a component which allows oils to be dissolved in water), or to alter the pH of the medication. An example where it is frequently used is Ketorolac tromethamine (an IV medication like ibuprofen) also known as Toradol. This medication is frequently given as an alternative to opioid pain medications.

Tromethamine is used in over 500 cosmetic products which are registered with the FDA. It is well tolerated both as a medication as well as a cosmetic component. There is no link that tromethamine is a mutagenic (causes fetal abnormalities), carcinogenic (cancer causing), or related to pregnancy risks.

This is yet another example where individuals either have a complete lack of understanding on how medications are made and what the components are, yet they have no issue with deliberately spreading false information because of their intrinsic biases.

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