Anti-Vaxxers: Twisting the Facts and Spreading Lies, Once Again.

A common post being shared across Social Media sites is of a physician who purposely miscarried her baby after receiving the COVId-19 vaccine. While there has been a physician who lost her baby shortly after the vaccine, the shared post showing the physician’s Instagram/Twitter posts is false.

The post lacks the context that the physician miscarried the baby almost three weeks prior to the vaccination, and was reminiscing of her pregnancy several weeks after the loss of her child. This is easily confirmed by going to the physician’s Instagram account, where the miscarriage is documented as occurring weeks prior to the vaccine.

Unfortunately, Anti-Vaxxers do not care about what is truth or accurately conveying the situation, as it doesn’t fit their agenda. As we always encourage our readers to validate what they find on Social Media, this is another perfect example of the unethical nature of Anti-vaxxers. Their hatred for vaccines precludes the ability to be truthful, as is demonstrably shown in this case.

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