Pfizer vaccine #2 hit this OVN’s arm yesterday.

Pfizer vaccine #2 hit this OVN’s arm yesterday.

Pfizer vaccine #2 hit this OVN’s arm yesterday. I got my vaccine while I was about half way through my 12 hour shift. I completed the remainder of my shift (caring for critically ill Covid patients) without difficulty and without any symptoms.

I did have a headache and fatigue after arriving home which lasted until this morning. I did take ibuprofen. This is pretty typical for me following a shift, so it’s impossible to say whether the symptoms were consistent with my experience following work as per usual, or if they were due to an immune response stimulated by the vaccine.

During my 12 hour shifts, my hair is pulled tightly up. I wear either a snug headband or a scrub cap. I wear a respirator that squeezes on my face and goggles that squeeze my temples. I also rarely remove my gear which causes me to take in inadequate amounts of food and drink. All of these circumstances lead to headaches and fatigue for me. That being said, I promised to reveal all of the things I experience in my body following vaccination, whether I can definitely attribute them to vaccination or not. My arm is less sore this time than it was for the first shot, which was also mild. I rate this a 1 on the 0-10 pain scale.

My 5G cell service remains piss poor. I bought a new Apple computer. My menstrual cycle arrived on schedule between my doses of vaccine (TMI maybe but I said I would report it all & some people have reproductive concerns). I have no GI symptoms. My eye color hasn’t changed. If Bill Gates doesn’t know where I am by now then he can probably just ask my BFFs Alexa & Siri. My teenagers are still self occupied psychos. If any of that changes, y’all will be the first to know.

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