Can COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines Cause a Positive PCR Test?

Can COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines Cause a Positive PCR Test?

The simple answer is no.

This is another example of deliberate misinformation, used as an excuse for why COVID-19 cases are high, dovetails off other misinformation which questions the accuracy of COVID-19 PCRs, and is a deliberate attempt to undermine confidence in mRNA vaccines and the severity of the pandemic.

mRNA is extremely fragile, and is unable to travel away from the injection site without the lipid protection that’s provided by the vaccine. Therefore, the production of spike proteins are limited to the muscle tissue where the vaccine is given. While the immune response to the vaccine may cause whole body symptoms (achey joints, fever, etcetera), the spike proteins are limited to the injection area. Once the cells are destroyed/mRNA is destroyed, the remnants of the cells are collected by the lymphatic system. There is no possible way for the vaccine to cause the spike protein to be in the nose and throat of the individual, hence an positive PCR from the mouth or nose is from exposure to the disease, not the vaccine.

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