Q&A Day 3 post COVID Vaccine

Q&A Day 3 post COVID Vaccine

Day 3:
I promised to go through day 7 of reporting, so here’s the boring update.

My injection site soreness is completely gone. Nothing, nada, zip. I had the whole weekend off work, yay, but I could have worked just fine as I never developed any symptom that would have prevented me from doing so. I do not feel fatigued.

My temp remains normal. I have no GI symptoms.

Yesterday I took my children to a drive through the zoo and an ostrich bit my right index and middle finger. If I were part of a vaccine trial, I would need to report all injuries and illnesses that I experienced during the trial period. Those injuries and illnesses would be recorded as adverse events. If I were in a trial, the research team would have to report right index finger and middle finger injury as an adverse event in their documentation. (I’ll include a pic in the comments). Hopefully, this helps illustrate how everything that gets listed as adverse events in package inserts, isn’t necessarily an event directly linked to receiving the vaccine.

Aside from being mauled by a hungry ostrich, I have had no other adverse events. I still don’t have better cell reception, Bill Gates still hasn’t called or tweeted me, and the sky is still blue. I had leftover chili for for dinner (chili is always better on day 2 ).

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