Q&A Day 2 post COVID Vaccine

Q&A Day 2 post COVID Vaccine

My left deltoid soreness that was a 2 out 10 on the pain scale yesterday, has decreased to almost nothing. If I lift my arm all the way up to stretch I can feel tightness that I wouldn’t even describe as pain. So that’s cool. I honestly expected it to be much worse for much longer.

I did feel a bit tired yesterday in the late afternoon so I took a short nap before cooking my family a big pot of chili. To be completely fair, it was rainy and gray outside….. I have no idea if I was tired from the weather, working the day before, or the vaccine, but….. I took a nap…..and fatigue is a symptom many trial participants experienced as well, so I’ll give a tick mark for mild fatigue. I did find it interesting in the study participants though, that 33% of the placebo group and 47% of the vaccine group reported fatigue with the first dose. This tells me that people are just fatigued in general right now (rightfully so).

I have no GI symptoms. My body temp remains normal. My arm is not red or swollen at the injection site.

Disappointingly, I have no discernible super powers. I am still not a socialist. My liver and kidneys seem to be functioning just fine to clear the salts and sugar that were in the vaccine, so there is no need to “detox”- I have organs for that (and detoxes are a scam put on by charlatans to make money off of people who don’t understand how our bodies work- you can’t remove things from inside your body by brining yourself in bath salts like a thanksgiving Turkey).

Unless anything earth shattering changes, I think this will be my last update because in all honestly these are terribly boring updates and I’m sure, moving forward, nobody is interested in what I made my family for dinner.

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