You’ve left them alone to die. You did that, and it’s unforgivable.

You’ve left them alone to die. You did that, and it’s unforgivable.

Throughout my nursing career I have had the exquisite pleasure of getting to know this nation’s seniors. It has been my absolute pleasure and honor to be at the beside, holding the hands of and fighting for the lives of every elder who wishes to have their life prolonged and their quality of life preserved.

I have witnessed the incomparable love and devotion of family and the strength of 50+ year marriages. I have listened to stories of decades past and indeed, on rare occasion, centuries past. I have held bodies, some frail and some strong through the most devastating of medical emergencies. It was a 70 year old man who changed my conservatively raised mind about gay marriage in my early 20’s when I stood in awe of a love so pure and unwavering that it defied everything I had ever been taught. Seniors have been my greatest teachers, my most appreciative clients and my most valued mentors in this life.

So when people say “this virus only kills the old”, “98% of people survive” or “our seniors aren’t worth the economy” I shutter. I hurt. I reject this.

This virus does indeed overwhelmingly kill the “old”. For seniors, their survival rate is not 98%, a fact that seems to completely allude the selfish. For seniors, their chances of dying from Covid hovers somewhere in the 13-20% case fatality range dependent on state/circumstances. Our seniors are worth saving. How dare you advocate to throw them away like garbage after all they have done for the America you worship via nationalism. That “great” country you want to get “back” to…. they built that. They fought for that in wars, in marches, in activism, in the end of segregation and the equal rights of women. They did more for you than you can even wrap your tiny self serving mind around. They’re the reason you have the freedoms you so boldly declare the rights to exercise at their expense.

And now, In their greatest time of need, after all they’ve done for you, you cannot even put a fucking napkin over your face to save them without whining. Shame on you. Shame on every one of you out there feigning patriotism while you slaughter the generation that built the country who’s flag you salute.

You’ve left them to die alone, with only their nurse to comfort them while you feast on your ignorance and riches. It’s despicable, disgusting and, dare I say, deplorable. There is no excuse for this behavior. You too will be “old” one day, and you’ve set an impressive precedence for geronticide in this country. Enjoy the results when you enter your own golden years and remember the time when you had the opportunity to change that and squandered it. 230,000 dead Americans, mostly seniors. You did that. It’s unforgivable.

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