Anti-Vaxxism is simply Story Wars

Well said, Blocked by Pete Evans “Antivaxxism Is Simply Story Wars. 50% of Americans do not want and will not have any vaccinations for Covid19. Apparently. Ok so that’s not really good news for most of America but it means they won’t need as many doses. They have around 300 million people and that’s a lot of vaccine doses. Reducing […]

Liberty Hospital: Now open to serve our personal liberty loving clients

Could you Imagine visiting personal liberty hospital- here’s the rules- 1. Obvi nobody “has” to wear a mask. Not the patient coming in with TB, influenza or corona; certainly not the nurses or doctors. It’s their body and their choice whether or not they cover their faces for 12 hours as they move from bed to bed. 2. Hand washing […]

Compassion Fatigue, Nursing, and the rising number of COVID patients

As cases rise in several areas of the country, Texas has become the new NYC and New Jersey. Hospitals in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and Austin have exceeded their standard ICU capacity and have implemented surge beds. The same is being seen in several areas of Florida and Arizona. As a nurse, we take pride in the quality of care […]

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