COVID-19: The badder the better, enter COVID-19

COVID-19: The badder the better, enter COVID-19

Emergency personnel spend a majority of their time fixing the mistakes of the general public. Whether it’s a “hold my beer” stunt gone wrong, or a lifetime of poor health management culminating in severe disease….we’re here for it. It’s our specialty. Come to think of it, everything is our specialty. And most of us LOVE it. The dumber the better. Bring it on.

We know what to do. We converge on you like a well oiled machine. Trauma, critical medicine…..doesn’t matter to us. We’re up for for the challenge. We breathe the motto “the badder the better.” It’s the adrenaline rush of a having a life in your hands, the stare down with certain death, the middle finger to the enemy. It’s what we do. Hit us with your best shot. You don’t have to understand it. We are who we are.

Enter Covid-19.

Shit. We can’t fix this.

Nothing we’re doing is working. If you’re unlucky enough to need hospitalization, all we can do is support you while your body either wins or loses. It sucks. It’s frustrating. It’s a puzzle without all the pieces and we can’t solve it yet. With odds like these, the last thing you want is a system no longer able to help support your individual fight because it’s overwhelmed- there go the small chances you had of recovery if a surge takes place.

I don’t know how else to convey this stark reality to people. So I feel like the message is the same, every day. Stay home. Wear a mask out. Listen to the guidance of the experts. Stop protesting the fact that medicine is trying to save you. The “powers” are following our guidance….not the other way around. Nobody’s trying to take your rights, we’re trying to save your dumb ass-quit fighting us.

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