COVID-19: Not Everything is a Conspiracy

COVID-19: Not Everything is a Conspiracy


I’m tired of seeing news articles that insinuate or outright accuse the sciences of somehow “cooking the books” on everything.

Yes, people who die with covid-19 will have a death certificate that reflects this because it’s important to count the number of infections that ended in death. We need to know this if we’re going to have any understanding of this virus’ impact on the citizens of our country. This is no different than counting deaths that happened as a result of influenza, motor vehicle accidents, suicides, choking, or any other cause of death.

No, it is not inaccurate to say that someone who ultimately died due to heart failure that was caused or exacerbated by Covid-19, died due to covid-19 because in the absence of covid-19, this person would (more likely than not) still be alive. Covid-19 is causing respiratory failure, cardiac failure, renal failure, liver failure and many other system failures that culminate in death.

It’s the exact same scenario as someone who’s cause of death is attributed to drunk driving. It is likely that this person died of severe head injury, hypovolemic shock secondary to blood loss, or organ injury- however those injuries would not exist had it not been for the drunk driver that caused them. Same with suicide. The actual mechanism of demise may be penetrating trauma, asphyxiation, or substance toxicity, however the true cause of death is poor mental health resulting in self injurious behavior. Every person who’s ever uttered the words “guns aren’t deadly, people are deadly”, should thoroughly embrace this rationale. Yet most of y’all are the same dummies sharing this ridiculous article as proof of some grand plot seeded in political conspiracy. Everything is not a conspiracy.

The “other countries” that are counting these deaths differently are conspicuously not named in this article. Many “other countries” around the world are speculated to be being intentionally dishonest about the impact of covid-19 in their areas for economic reasons. Again, it’s some of these countries that are under the heaviest of scrutiny (like China) from the very same organizations promoting this questioning of the American scientific institution’s methods. Which one do you want? Honest data collection or a masking of the data that serves the agenda you’re pushing today? You can’t have it both ways. Politics have no room in this pandemic- yet here we are.

We identify causes of death to maintain accurate statistics for funding of research and interventions. This data collection saves lives – if we did not document the root cause of a death, we would spend time treating a result instead of a cause. Treating the result yields far inferior outcomes to preventing the cause. Quit it with the accusations for once. Let the scientists do their jobs and collect data in a way that saves lives. We should all have the same goal here.

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