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COVID-19: Anti-Vaxxers – Wrong about Vaccines and now wrong about the Coronavirus

COVID-19: Anti-Vaxxers – Wrong about Vaccines and now wrong about the Coronavirus

Anti-vaccine “nurses” and “doctors” were wrong about vaccines, and they’re even more wrong about the Coronavirus pandemic. If you spend any time in the dark side of the web, where Anti-vaxxers dwell, you’ll find a handful of failed licensed medical providers who now make money off of gullible people who are prone to believe conspiracy theories.

While the vast majority of providers honor their oaths to protect the public, our professions are not immune to the stray corruptible human. These individuals were able to pass a licensing exam at some point in their lives.

Despite the fact that most of these individuals were unable to remain in clinical practice due to their inability to perform and lack of empathy, they still wave their credentials around to increase their credibility.

Now, more than any time before, it is becoming increasingly apparent, that these individuals lack the basic scientific literacy to be successful as a member of the scientific community. Most of these failed ex-providers now earn money by selling snake oil cures that rely on a small sector of the public falling prey to their fantastic conspiratorial claims of world domination plots, tyrannical governments, and other propaganda designed to exploit the paranoia and religious biases which are commonly found in this group.

When it comes to vaccines, it’s hard for the general public to weed out fact from fiction. This is where paying close attention to their scramble regarding the Coronavirus pandemic will provide the masses with a very clear unveiling of the anti-vaccine propaganda wrongness. You will routinely see them contradicting the CDC and WHO, downplaying the severity of the disease, all while offering “preventative treatments” or Coronavirus “cures” for their own profit.

These same charlatans, who claim to be prophets of truth, distribute nothing but misinformation and lies. We have shed light on some of these charlatans in other articles in our blog,

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As they continue classic con-man tactics, like the Bait and Switch, they have no conscience. Despite knowing that their rhetoric will harm others, they continue to claim Coronavirus a “Hoax”. They would rather beguile susceptible individuals to their own benefit, all while the death toll rises.

The same impostors who display expired credentials post videos of themselves mowing their lawns in n95 masks as they claim to care deeply about the public well-being – they are conspicuously missing from the front-lines of medicine where pro vaccine doctors and nurses use our n95 masks to show the public first hand how much we care, at the risk of our own lives.

Others display pictures of themselves in yoga poses on their sunny front stoop, safely at home urging you to buy their products and deny vaccines. This is in stark contrast to those who really care whether you live or die, as we spend our days bent over the beds of the sick and dying.

Take a good long look and ask yourself which group of people with initials behind their names have your best interests at heart. I’ll give you a hint, it’s the ones out here putting our actions behind our words by showing up for the world. You can rely on us pro-vax REAL medical professionals- no purchase required. Now go vaccinate your kids.

Vaccines save lives- take it from those of us who know what saving lives really look like.

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