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Pandemics: This is why we vaccinate

Pandemics: This is why we vaccinate

What does this pandemic have to do with routine vaccines? Everything.

Like Covid-19, the diseases we vaccinate against are capable of, and historically have caused large scale outbreaks that result in illness, disability and death and economic destruction. Outbreaks of diseases like measles and polio cause the exact same inundation of our healthcare systems. This scenario is exactly WHY we vaccinate against the diseases we can. Without an overwhelming majority of vaccinated children, these diseases find a suitable population for spread of infection through willing hosts.

We’ve warned for months on this website, that the increasing numbers of unvaccinated children in this country are setting us up for an epidemic of disease spread that our healthcare systems cannot absorb. We’ve quoted the disappointing numbers of pediatric ICU beds available for treatment of severely ill children. We’ve highlighted the conspicuous lack of ventilators suited for neonates and pediatrics. (Go back and look through our posts) Nobody wanted to believe that our country’s medical system couldn’t handle anything that was thrown at it. Do you believe us now? We cannot handle large outbreaks of anything. Period. This is why we vaccinate.

Covid-19 presents us all with a real life glimpse of what a world without immunity to a disease looks like. This is what receiving natural immunity means-that a significant portion of the infected will die, or become seriously ill-suffering long term, or lifelong injuries from the natural infection.

By contrast, herd immunity obtained by mass vaccination carries the benefit of disease immunity, with extremely rare serious consequences to very few individuals and limited economic impact. Maybe the immunity from vaccines is slightly inferior to natural infection, perhaps it requires a booster. In some instances, the vaccine offers incomplete protection but decreased severity (like the influenza vaccine) – but whatever the slight downfalls of vaccination are, they are without question, superior to the alternative that we are witnessing today.

Immunity via vaccination eliminates not only the devastating physical effects of infection, but protects from economic collapse and interruption of operations of every day life. THIS is why we vaccinate.

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