Are vaccine reactions common? No, but many Alt-med events are…

In all my healthcare years, 19 of them (ER/Critical care). I’ve not once, had to do more than put topical steroid cream on a rash or apply an ice pack for a “vaccine reaction” .

Here’s a fun list of alt med illnesses & injuries I’ve seen:

Chemical burns from oils
Infected dermatitis from oils
Stage four breast cancer that didn’t respond to oils (shocker)
Poisoning from EO ingestion x3
Spinal fractures from chiropractic visits
Ligament tears from chiropractic visits
Infected acupuncture sites
Liver failure from dietary supplements
Seizures from failed homeopathic fever reducers
Pneumonia/sepsis after failed homeopathic flu treatments
Renal failure and liver failure from home “detox” preparations
Severe vomiting/seizure from CBD oil ingestion
Hyperemesis from chronic marijuana use (more times than I can count)
Anaphylaxis from “the stuff my friend sells” (never did figure out what it was but looked like some kind of herb in a gel cap)
Chemical burns to eye -essential oils
Hemorrhagic Stroke -inversion table
Hallucinations from “herbs my naturopath gave me”
Tachycardia from dietary supplements
Heart attack after ephedra ingestion

Should I keep going? Because that’s not even the end of it. Calls to poison control, NG tubes, emergency dialysis, referrals to burn center, wound care, activated charcoal, code stroke, cardiac cath lab, all interventions for crack pot pseudoscience “natural medicine” that leave people disabled or dead.

So you if you’re worried about vaccines but trust that products or treatments from a completely unregulated industry are safe, you’re wrong and there’s a better chance I’ll see you in my ER because of it- BTW, big pharma loves that.

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