Ninja Nurse? Or just another attempt to blame someone else.

Ninja nurses- I keep seeing these stories where parents of ill children, specifically newborn infants, claim that their babies were taken and immunized in some stealthy manner against their will. These supposed hit and run, unauthorized vaccinations are then allegedly hidden by the practitioner/hospital and don’t appear on record. This allegation shows lack of understanding of the medication administration process […]

#BelieveMothers, When Ego Becomes a Barrier to Care…

I’ve been seeing a whole lot of #believemothers– a reference to medical providers not acknowledging illnesses and injuries attributed to vaccines by mothers of ill children. It’s not that we don’t want to. I’d love to. That would make my job a lot easier.As an ER nurse, triage is a big part of my job. I acknowledge that people BELIEVE a […]

Are vaccine reactions common? No, but many Alt-med events are…

In all my healthcare years, 19 of them (ER/Critical care). I’ve not once, had to do more than put topical steroid cream on a rash or apply an ice pack for a “vaccine reaction” . Here’s a fun list of alt med illnesses & injuries I’ve seen: Chemical burns from oilsInfected dermatitis from oilsStage four breast cancer that didn’t respond […]

Vitamin C, a potentially deadly recommendation.

When a person is ill with a viral infection that causes fever, dehydration is a major concern. This is especially true for small children and infants. A common home remedy that circulates on medical misinformation sites is to give copious amounts of vitamin C until diarrhea begins. People without medical training seem to believe that diarrhea is a sign of […]

Caring Corrupted? I call it Evidence Based Medicine.

The below is a screenshot of a comment made to One Vaxxed Nurse on Twitter. An anti-vaxxer by the screenname “concerned parent” equated nurses advocating for vaccination to nurses who assisted in the torture and killing of Jews during the Holocaust. In this Ill informed comment, the poster warned that nurses who get “stuck in ideology” may forget their humanity- […]

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