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Stop eradication, the ultimate goal of the anti-vaxxer…

Stop eradication, the ultimate goal of the anti-vaxxer…

The photo below shows a common conversation that recently took place in a Facebook parenting group. It highlights parents openly detailing the different ways in which they purposefully infected their young children with chicken pox using the bodily secretions of other ill individuals.

Katie says “I had shingles and rubbed my rash onto my 20mo old. He got chicken pox a couple weeks later.”

Hope says “swab the infected child’s nose then swab it up your child’s nose”

Lindsay says “I did nose swabs as well but it was with the pus from one of the pox on it”

The moral and ethical implications of forcing illness onto children in barbaric ways seems completely lost as these mothers proudly boast of their efforts to induce sickness in their children.
The dangerous anti vaccination movement is taken one step further here, by the act of not only refusing to vaccinate their children, but by intentionally infecting their children with a virus that we have a vaccine for.

Prior to the development of chicken pox vaccine, roughly 11,000 Americans were hospitalized each year from complications of chicken pox. Most deaths occurred in otherwise healthy individuals. Infection with the varicella virus (aka chicken pox) carries the risk of complications such as pneumonia, bacterial skin infections and encephalitis (brain swelling). The weakened vaccine strain is many times less likely to result in these complications than infection with the virus itself. In addition, the weakened vaccine strain of varicella is many times less likely to be stored in the nervous system of individuals and reactivate as shingles at a later time of life.

Purposefully infecting your children with live chicken pox not only places them at risk of severe complications and subsequent painful shingles outbreaks, it places babies and immune compromised community members at risk by perpetuating the spread of a preventable illness. It is irresponsible, and really quite gross to imagine parents transferring the infected body fluids of others into their own children in an effort to induce illness of any kind.

In subsequent portions of this same conversation the mothers discuss how difficult it is to find people these days to expose their children to and one of them celebrates the fact that their actions will make complete eradication of the disease impossible.

And here we have the truth of why they don’t want to vaccinate…. They want to prevent the eradication of diseases which cause lasting damage to their children and others who are exposed….

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