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Shills, Distorting the truth to pad their own pockets

Shills, Distorting the truth to pad their own pockets

Bait and switch. 

You’ve been had. 

They’ve convinced you that the people who are trying to help you are out to hurt you. 

They are your abusers. 

They are exploiting you for money. 

They are bilking you to line their own bank accounts at the expense of the most valuable commodity on earth, children.  Your children.  And you didn’t even see it coming.  They are cunning really.  Masters of deceit so skillful that they have made thousands of parents jeopardize their own children’s health willingly- all for a profit while maintaining the facade of savior. Con artists have been perfecting this sinister art since the beginning of recorded history.  From the snake oil salesman to the tele-evangelist performing miracles as the offering plate is passed down the pews, humans have been taking advantage of humans since the dawn of time. Perhaps the most troubling thing about these modern-day con artists though, is that honor among thieves has officially disappeared.  Children should be off limits to even the most soul-less of criminals, but for these special predators, children’s lives are the expected expenditure.

It’s funny how the only people in the medical field that denounce the safety and effectiveness of vaccines have something to sell you. Maybe they have these wonderful supplements that work better than vaccines.  Maybe they have super-power vitamins to bring you better health than inoculations. Perhaps it’s CBD, crystals, elderberries, or just a book about how they’ve uncovered secrets and conspiracies meant to hold you down.  Whatever their product, you can be sure one exists – you can also be sure they’re hauling in a fat payday when you fall for it. 

Step 1: Convince you that what you’re currently doing is dangerous:

“Vaccines are poison.  The side effects are damaging every organ and leading to horrible neurological diseases”

Step 2: Convince you that you are actually smarter than the average person:

“They’ve been lying to everyone and you have to become “woke” to see this.  You are special because you are “woke”.

Step 3: Find a fall man, someone else who is really the person taking advantage of you:

“The government is in on it.  They want to keep you sick, so they can keep taking advantage of you.”

Step 4: Sell you an alternative:

“Now that you are woke, you just need this product instead.”

Step 5: Get you to do their bidding for them:

“Now that you know the truth, you must go out and tell all of your friends.  You must make everyone else “woke” too if you want to save them. I’ll even make you a partner in profit if you spread the word!”

At the end of this sequence, the con man has not only sold his product, but he has convinced you to sell it for him- and has managed to turn you, the victim, into the predator.  It was that easy.  The scheme is great because it works on people from all walks of life.  Below average IQ? Fantastic, you’re easier to convince.  Super smart? Even better, I bet you like the feeling of knowing more than everyone else around you. No scruples? Marvelous, they won’t have to spend much time covering up their motives.  Eager to help others? Oh man they love this crowd, leveraging your bleeding heart into a hemorrhaging money press.  They tailor their message to fit every walk of life.  A new spin for every type of guy and gal.  It’s incredible the flexibility and effectiveness of these methods.

Consider the arguments they use: “The government recommends vaccines because vaccines are poison and they want to keep you sick.” “The government is just interested in the money they get from pharmaceutical companies.”  Really? The government quite literally derives their paycheck from taxes.  You know who they don’t get taxes from? Sick people.  Sick people are on disability and unable to work. The government actually has to pay people who are too sick to work. Why on earth would they want to make you so sick that they have to pay you to be disabled?  In addition, 74 Million people in the US are enrolled in government funded healthcare.  Why would the government want to make everyone ill when the government has to pay the medical bills for 25% of the country?

Notice anything? Nearly 85% of the government’s money comes from YOU, healthy and working YOU! Common sense should tell you that the government will recommend actions that keep their little money makers hustling and performing. Governments invest large amounts of money in vaccines because they keep us healthy.  The return on investment is good. Even if the pharmaceutical companies selflessly handed over every single dollar in profits to the corrupt government, in some sort of pay for play wonderland, it wouldn’t hold a candle to the amount of money the government makes off of its healthy individual citizens.  The only thing that the charlatans and I agree on is that the government likes money. 

There are people who make money off of you being sick but it’s not the government, or physicians, or scientific researchers. It is the people who told you those lies that are the true villains. The people pushing their self-proclaimed “healthy” alternatives in place of scientifically proven, medically accepted, safe and effective vaccines. It’s people like Mercola, a retired osteopathic “doctor” who has marketed everything from vitamin supplements to tanning beds in the name of growing his personal wealth empire while encouraging people to forgo life-saving vaccines for their precious children.  It’s people like Lauren, a morally void individual who managed to pass the NCLEX but couldn’t apply her knowledge to a clinical setting long enough to be a successful RN. She now abuses the trustworthiness of the title to gain followers who buy her magic plant oils and conspiracy theories.  It’s people like Caitlyn, again exploiting the ethical prestige of the RN credential to sell necklaces made with the magic of moonlight and elderberry goop while dishing outright lies about vaccinations that have eradicated deadly diseases. People like Andrew Wakefield,  a physician who had his credentials yanked for performing unethical experimentation on disabled children in an attempt to conduct fraudulent studies that would support his ultimate goal of becoming rich off of his own vaccine version……when that didn’t work out he had to turn to fear mongering book sales and movie productions with the help of people like Del Bigtree – a movie producer who makes millions off of his films that exploit the perils of chronically ill children with hopeless parents looking for someone to blame.  It’s people like Robert Kennedy Jr. an eccentric, ex drug-addict, lawyer, who’s wacky views are denounced by his own famous family. He created a “foundation” that takes in millions of dollars in donations to convince families not to vaccinate. These are the people getting rich off of you and your children being ill. 

If you really want to get “woke”, you’ll wake up and do some simple math: The government gets rich off you being healthy- and that’s why they tell you to vaccinate.  That’s why they conduct studies to make sure that the vaccines are safe and effective.  That’s why they continue to conduct research to make sure that there are no long-term effects.  That’s why they offer to pay for your vaccines. That’s why they offer doctors incentives to push vaccinations.  That’s why they work out deals with pharmaceutical companies to purchase large quantities of vaccines.  There’s one piece of twisted charlatan advice you should heed; follow the money indeed.

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