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Colorado… A ticking time bomb…

Colorado… A ticking time bomb…

Earlier this month, a family with three unvaccinated children went to New Zealand, a country with an active measles outbreak.  They returned from New Zealand, having layovers at LAX before arriving at DIA. 

These children were then taken to Children’s Hospital Colorado, where they were seen in the Emergency Department.  They then exposed potentially hundreds of children, many who can’t be vaccinated due to cancer and other health problems. 

How is this OK, when a parents can willingly choose to make their children into biological weapons, spreading diseases wherever they go. Who knows what the full impact of this will be.  Colorado has one of the lowest Kindergarten vaccinations rates in the country, and someone just recklessly spread Measles through LAX, DIA, and one of the busiest children’s hospitals in the region.

To boost low measles vaccination rates, public health agencies are targeting Colorado’s biggest counties

To see the effects of this negligence, we only need to look to Facebook. A mother and father shared a status update on Facebook today….

Here is a family struggling with a child with health problems, paying the price for another parents choice to not protect their children. I am sure this is only one of many children who are in similar circumstances, directly related to these unvaccinated children’s parents decisions.

Why, in 2019, are we struggling with measles when we have a safe and effective prevention, the MMR vaccine?  Misinformation and ignorance is the only explanation I have…

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