The Twelve Days of Christmas: Anti-Vaxx Style

As it is almost Christmas, One Vaxxed Nurse presents “The Twelve Days of Christmas” Anti-Vaxx style…. On the first day of Christmas, Anti-vaxxers gave to me: Pathogens in a Petri On the second day of Christmas, Anti-vaxxers gave to me: Two glands with mumps and Pathogens in a Petri.  On the third day of Christmas Anti-vaxxers gave to me: Three wretch bends, two glands with mumps, and Pathogens in […]

Happy Holidays: Make sure your family helps protect our babies

The holidays are a time for gatherings where cold weather drives crowds of friends and family into close indoor quarters for fellowship. These are special times but they also pose potential health hazards for infants who have not been fully immunized against vaccine preventable illnesses. Many mothers believe that their infants will be protected by maternal antibodies for the first […]

The untold story about Stop Mandatory Vaccinations and harassment…

Earlier this week, we covered a situation where a mother was expressing her pain as her child had been exposed to measles. In her plea, she begs others to consider that their choice to not vaccinate their children does, in fact, place others at risk. Choices which affected her infant, who is too young to be vaccinated against the Measles […]

Shills, Distorting the truth to pad their own pockets

Bait and switch.  You’ve been had.  They’ve convinced you that the people who are trying to help you are out to hurt you.  They are your abusers.  They are exploiting you for money.  They are bilking you to line their own bank accounts at the expense of the most valuable commodity on earth, children.  Your children.  And you didn’t even […]

The “Law of Love”, Samoa’s solution to prevent another measles outbreak…

Yesterday, Samoa’s Parliament passed the “Law of Love”, a compulsory vaccination requirement for all school attendance. The “Law of Love” is in response to the current measles outbreak in Samoa. In this law, the Samoan government has acted, establishing a system to prevent further outbreaks. Due to the measles outbreak which has cost 72 lives already, the Samoan Prime Minister […]

Colorado… A ticking time bomb…

3 Children With Measles Flew From New Zealand To LAX Before Arriving At DIA, Health Officials Confirm Earlier this month, a family with three unvaccinated children went to New Zealand, a country with an active measles outbreak.  They returned from New Zealand, having layovers at LAX before arriving at DIA.  These children were then taken to Children’s Hospital Colorado, where […]

Anti-vaxxers….. the epitome of selfishness

The risks associated with contracting vaccine preventable infections far outweigh the risks of vaccinating against them. Anti-vaxxers choose to assume neither risk at the expense of their fellow humans. When they actively attempt to convince others in society not to vaccinate as well, they are essentially dwindling the very population that offers them protection from the more severe threat of […]

Just how important is the HPV Vaccine….

The HPV vaccine doesn’t just prevent cervical cancer! “Interestingly, anal cancer is similar to cervical cancer, which, of course, was one of the reasons for the development of the vaccine. Nevertheless, nearly 90% of anal cancers are caused by HPV.” “In fact, HPV is believed to cause nearly 5% of all new cancers across the world, making it almost as […]

Drinking Urine? No Medicinal Properties Here….

People are making their children drink or wear urine. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot y’all. The anti-vaxxers have gone completely savage. Don’t be one of these. Listen to medical professionals. I promise we will not have you drink your own urine. Ever. 🤦🏻‍♀️ vaccines are safe, and effective. Urine is …… well, it’s urine-No medicinal properties. Good god I can’t believe I […]

Anti-vaxxers love to use classic “Con Man” tactics in their rhetoric….

Con artists use an array of tactics to persuade their victims. One of those tactics they use to lend credence to their lies is to invoke the name of trusted individuals or entities. It’s important in these instances that we use common sense to debunk outrageous claims.   One of my duties as a critical-care nurse is to interact, on a fairly regular […]

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