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Anti-Vaxx wall of shame

Anti-Vaxx wall of shame

Meet Laura. Laura posts memes like the one below that implies SIDS is caused by vaccines. She pretends to warn new parents so that she can earn their trust and then point them straight to the detox line that she sells as an “entrepreneur”. She directly benefits from terrifying new parents with lies. If you actually click and read the article that she links to this lie, it states the opposite of what her meme says but she’s betting on the fact that you won’t. She knows memes sell, and her greed appears to be so great that she is willing to pad her pocketbook with the lives of innocent children who may be lost to vaccine preventable diseases when their parents trust a meme instead of their pediatrician. So, the Anti-Vaxx wall of shame award tonight goes to Laura who stoops to a new level of low by choosing her pocket-book over the lives of infants.

Here’s a link to the article she uses to cite her misstated statistic meme:

In case you care for a real interpretation of that data: Researchers looked at (among other things) the SIDS deaths that were reported to VAERS over a 6-year period of time (1997-2013). There were 544 of them.

VAERS is a database where anyone can report illnesses, injuries or deaths that are believed to have anything to do with a vaccine (you know, because the medical community actually wants to track anything that may seem like a trend and research it). 544 people felt that vaccines may have had something to do with an infant’s SIDS death during this time frame. Now, during that 6-year time frame roughly 2500 infants per year died from SIDS (according to the CDC) which equals around 15,000 infants over 6 years. 544 of those deaths were reported to VAERS as possibly having something to do with vaccines. Of those 544, 79.4% reported having a vaccine within 24 hours of death, the remaining occurred sometime outside of the 24-hour window. 79.4% of 544 translates to about 430 of those infants dying within 24 hours of a vaccination. If you divide 430 (the number of SIDS deaths during that time frame that happened within 24 hours of a vaccination and were reported to VAERS) by 15,000 (the total number of SIDS deaths overall during that same time frame) you get 0.028 which rounds to about 3%. So, an accurate statement would be: 3% of children who died of SIDS (during this time frame) were vaccinated within 24 hours of their deaths- or even more accurately, 97% of babies who die of “SIDS” did not have a vaccine the same day. THAT’S WHAT THE MEME SHOULD SAY!

90% of infants who die of SIDS do so before age 6 months. If the infants were vaccinated according to the AAP guidelines, they would have received at least one vaccine on about 4 days of their lives. A six-month-old is alive for approximately 182 days. Those 4 days that they received vaccinations make up over 2% of their lives……So it appears that in all fairness, there may be a 1% increase in the risk of SIDS during the 24-hour period of time surrounding a vaccination (if we used this study’s numbers). The biggest known risk for SIDS according to the CDC is related to sleeping habits (bed sharing and comfort items in the sleeping environment of infants). Vaccinations can make babies fussy, can make them run low grade fevers and have other mild symptoms that parents may try to comfort. Unfortunately, part of the comfort measures parents try may be bringing their babies to bed with them. Parents are more likely to co-sleep during the times that babies show fussiness or discomfort. If you really want to protect your children and reduce the risk of SIDS following vaccination, which according to this study is only 1% higher than any other time in their infancy, do not co-sleep to comfort them! Babies should always sleep on their backs on a firm mattress with no blankets, pillows or other soft items to reduce the risk of sudden death from asphyxiation.

There is no reputable study that shows an increase in the risk of SIDS as a result of vaccination.

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